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Review: Jackal (NES)

The story is simple: The US has recently discovered the location of dozens of POW’s located in Vietnam.  A wide-scale rescue mission isn’t an option, so a team of Green Beret Jeep squads are assembled–Codenamed “JACKAL”, to rescue the POW’s.

Jackal’s graphics are average at best. Konami really didn’t put much effort on the graphics but focused on the gameplay, which is great. The jeep controls very well – the only problem is that sometimes your jeep can get hung up on a wall. The music is traditional Konami – very catchy and well done.

Your main weapon, a machine gun, can only be fired in the upward direction. Your secondary weapon, grenades (or missiles, when upgraded) can be fired in any direction. The goal of the game, as stated before, is to rescue the American POWs. You destroy huts to free the POWs as they come running out, then deliver them to a waiting helicopter. You find other huts scattered around that are colored differently from the normal ones – inside these huts are special POWs. Each one of these that you pick up upgrades your grenades – first to a missile, then to a two-way explosive missile, and finally to a four-way explosive missile.  However, there is only one special POW in each hut, and there’s only a couple of huts in each stage. If you die, you lose your upgrades. However, occasionally some POW’s will run around the battlefield after your death awaiting you (or if they’re clever, your friend on co-op) to rescue them.  The bosses aren’t very impressive, which is kind of odd when you take into account Konami’s rep for creating killer bosses. The last boss, though, is very cool – it’s a giant tank that attempts to cook you with a huge laser blast.

Now, there is unlimited ammo. However, for those of you looking for a fun way to take out your aggressions (or if you’re just sadistic), there are enemy foot soldiers running around. Every so often they’ll rip off a shot at you. You can either shoot them, bomb them, or (here’s the fun part) RUN THEM OVER! Yes, you too can mow down unsuspecting enemy soldiers with your jeep and see their little flattened forms lying motionless on the ground.

Review round-up:

Concept: Taking control of a jeep (or two if playing two player), you make your way through Vietnam and take out any opposition in your way. even if somewhat outlandish boss designs.

Entertainment: Konami knows how to make shooters. I prefer Contra or Guerrilla though.

Graphics: Not terrible for an NES game, but by no means noteworthy.

Sound: Catchy music, explosions are pretty standard.
Playability: This game has good controls, I can’t think of one thing to complain about, as far as the controls go they are excellent.

Replay Value: Moderate

Overview: The game is fun and isn’t that what really matters? Or has the world of next generation consoles clogged your minds to forget this wonderful game? Jackal is an excellent game – not very impressive graphically, but still tons of fun.

Review Score: 7.5/10

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Posted by thesocialrockstar 18.11.2010 in Original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
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Review: Guerrilla War (NES)

If Contra were played from an isometric perspective and had unlimited continues, you’d have Guerrilla War. This game is awesome.

Gameplay: This explosive, heart-pounding adventure starts right away as your modest guerrilla force lands on the beach of the island and is immediately attacked by the innumerable soldier forces. Armed with a machine gun and grenades, you have infinite ammo of both, and holding down A and/or B enables autofire. That’s right….I said you have UNLIMITED grenades! And it’s not even Christmas yet…

In many ways, this game is an improvement on Contra. Your power-ups are stackable. This means your rocket-launcher can combine with your spread-shot to have….a Spread Shot Rocket Launcher?!? Yup, that’s right. ;) The best weapon in the game, however, is the Flamethrower. Everything it touches is an instant-kill.  Enemies hide in trenches, firing machine guns and throwing grenades….helicopters circle overhead, firing at you from above. Tanks roll over the level firing at you from all directions. This game is NON-STOP action….and I loved every single minute of it. Take Metal Slug, or Contra, and multiple the action by ten.  There are times when a dozen plus enemies appear onscreen at once…in later levels, this game can be quite difficult. Fortunately, the wonderful SNK decided you, dear reader, deserve unlimited continues. Did I mention you begin EXACTLY where you died? Oh, and as if this wasn’t enough, you get to drive around tanks every once in a while (and yes, the power-ups affect the vehicle). Instead of running and gunning, simply RUN OVER your foe. They really do let you have your cake and eat it too. No matter what the odds, if you persevere, you will succeed….eventually. All in all, the entire game from start to finish only took me about an hour to complete.

Alone or with a friend, Guerrilla War is a perfect example of pure, unadulterated shoot-em-up fun as it was meant to be from the start. Anyone can hop it at any time by pressing A and B at the same time;  just when the odds seem ridiculously hard, a friend can pop in and save the day.
They sure do not make them like this anymore, and probably never will. Guerrilla War was the type of game you would play with your friend every few weeks, just to shoot the bull and pass time, and really get into the bullet-biting action.

Graphics: While SNK didn’t win any awards for the graphics, the detail to the water, vehicles, and even the explosions are fantastic. I found myself laughing because the flashing on the screen becomes so overpowering at times that I felt like an epileptic.

Sound: Explosions, explosions, explosions. Just when you thought you heard the last possible variation of a grenade or machine gun, BAM! You here another one. It’s really an amazing and impressive experience, the sound and music ties everything in the game together.

As if I haven’t given you enough reasons to love this game already…let me mention that it’s only 5 bucks! Gaming on a budget has never been better.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Buy it here.

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Posted by thesocialrockstar 17.11.2010 in Original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
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