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Square Enix has announced that their “Tactical Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”, Wafku, is now available in North America for PC, Mac, and Linux users.

Wafku takes place almost 1,000 years after the beginning of the age of Dofus.  The world is in ruins and must be rebuilt.  Your role in the game is to help rebuild and reestablish order.  Your role can be as a hero or possibly a political figure. The characters are customizable and can complete missions as well as combat in a turn by turn based battle system.  The vast world immerses you in a constantly evolving ecosystem.  Characters can choose to preserver the world and protect mother nature.  Or, they can choose to use all of her resources and build vast cities.

The political system in the game engages the players and encourages them to defend their nation, conquer neighboring enemy nations, or forge an allegiance to another nation.  Players can even vote and elect government officials within the game.  This feature alone sets Wafku apart from your average MMORPG!

There are twelve distinct classes to choose from.  There are Go-getting Warriors, Berserkers, Archers, Healers, Sherpa Warriors, Treasure Hunters, Plant Summoners, Protectors, Assassins, Warrior Gamblers, Time Magi, and Animal Summoners.

“The talented team at ANKAMA has done an exceptional job at taking a traditional MMO and transforming it into a breathtaking episodic excursion,” said Jason Herczeg, vice president of online at Square Enix. “ANKAMA is the ideal partner for Square Enix as we evolve to provide top tier, service-oriented content across all devices and platforms to our passionate community.”

“Empowering the player and putting them in control of their own destiny throughout their journey makes for an unforgettable MMO adventure,” added Anthony Roux, chief executive officer at ANKAMA.  “The game has been a labor of love for everyone on the development team and we are thrilled to finally share our special creation for all to enjoy.”

To download the game for free, please visit the Wafku homepage.  To access premium content, reach the highest levels, explore all available game areas and chapters, as well as master all 16 professions, you can subscribe to the premium service for only $6.00 per month.

Were you a fan of Islands of Wafku?  Do you plan on playing and downloading Wafku today?


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