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Gabe Newell’s comments lead to questions

There was some buz around the Internet lately about some comments Valve’s Gabe Newell told Penny Arcade Report regarding a console.

He said that if they had to, Valve would make their own console. Speaking entirely on a hypothetical situation, would a Valve console work?

One of the most appealing features for a Valve console would mean it would run on Steam.  Automatically it’s online service would be on par if not better than X Box live. There would be a wide variety of downloads to choose from and the online play would be great.

This raises a big question, what about Valve’s already huge PC user base? There were talks about Microsoft streaming X Box live through PC’s as well; maybe it would work the same way. Perhaps an integrated online community of PC and console devotees? If that were to happen however, there would be no point for a Steam run console.

The exclusives would be insane for the system, Portal, Half Life, Team Fortress, and Counter Strike exclusively on one system would be intriguing to say the least.  However, another question that comes to mind would be new IP’s.

Would Valve run with their big guns, or build a whole new brand for their console? Would a game like Counter Strike Global Ops still be playable on the X Box 360, PS3 and PC?

To me, the idea of a Valve console is very promising, I believe that it could be a force if implemented properly, however there are too many questions to reconsider, especially because it is a third party publisher who releases games multi platform, and has a strong dedication on PC.

Would there be room for a fourth console? What will the price be? Will people want a fourth console?

What do you think about a Valve console?

Posted by Cody Orme 01.03.2012 in Microsoft, News, Roundup
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