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Augmented Reality Takes a Leap Forward on Friday the 13th

The 3DS may very well have another winner on its hands come Friday, April the 13th when Spirit Camera: The Cursed Mirror hits the shelves. Horror games don’t come around too often on Nintendo consoles, and the game will certainly be a welcome addition to that portion of the big N’s game library.

However, Spirit Camera is bringing more to the table than its horrific nature. Portions of the story actually manifest themselves in the real world through the 3DS camera via an augmented reality book, meaning vengeful spirits can actually torment players in their own living rooms! This is a very exciting concept, and it could pave the way for some serious interactivity down the road.

Face Raiders might have beat Spirit Camera to the punch, but Spirit Camera widens the scope of the 3DS’s AR capabilities by placing the players themselves right in the middle of an actual story. Augmented reality has so much potential, and Spirit Camera is only beginning to scratch the surface of this new gaming frontier.

How long until Pok√©mon battle it out in parking lots, busy plazas, or open fields? Will we ever see Mario hopping on park benches and playground equipment? Will Arwings ever fly beside airliners, should we point our cameras out of our plane windows? Anything’s possible, after all.

What does everyone else think about augmented reality? Is it just another gimmick, or is it a bold new frontier? And what of Spirit Camera? Who’s picking it up on April 13th? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by Michael Fletcher 31.03.2012 in Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS
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