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Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Film

This is quite possibly one of the best fan films I have seen.  They are begging to take my gold rings!



Posted by BlueCoreStudios on YouTube, it contains the following description:

The intention of making this film was for it to be a spec film, with the primary purpose being to show how a Sonic the Hedgehog film, in a live action environment, can be executed.

Support the cause, shop at:

*This fan film has no association with Sega nor claims any ownership to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. This is a fan film made solely for entertainment purposes without intentions of profit off the film.*

“Sonic” is a not-for-profit fan film based on the “Sonic the Heddgehog” video game franschise by Sega.

Produced by Blue Core Studios and directed by Eddie Lebron (the team that brought you the “MegaMan” fan film)!

Check us out at:

Buy the originally composed score by Daniel James at:

Posted by Essel Pratt 11.01.2013 in Movies
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Archie Comics’ Sonic/Mega Man crossover confirmed

Archie Comics' Sonic/Mega Man crossover confirmed

Do you like comic books?  Do you Love Sonic the Hedgehog?  How big is your bromance with Mega Man?  Well, get ready for, quite possibly, one of the coolest team ups in comic book history!

Archie Comics has confirmed that our two favorite heroes will team up in a 12 part series that spans three titles.  The three titles that will host the epic series will be Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and Sonic Universe.  We can expect to see the crossover appear next year in both print and a digital downloadable copy.

The story will be written by Ian Flynn and features cover art by Patrick Spaziante.  It looks like both Sega and Capcom signed off on the deal last year before the New York Comic Con.  Editor Paul Kaminski called Flynn after he heard the news.

“His response was, ‘I have been writing that story since we began the Mega Man title,’ ” said Kaminski . “Of course, I thought he was joking, but not an hour later my inbox was flooded with Sonic/Mega Man story synopses.”

Flynn also added, “I’m already living the dream by writing the Sonic titles. Then I got to live the other dream of writing for Mega Man. With that many dreams being handed to me, I figured it was only a matter of time.”

The crossover is coming out as Archie Comics celebrates the 20th year since the release of their first Sonic comic.  It will be the one year anniversary of their Mega Man run.  Flynn had the following to say about the direction he would like the series to go:

“Going in, I want this to be the story fans wanted to read — not just our regular comic fans, but fans of both franchises — so we’re holding nothing back,” he says. “Who knows when the stars will align and we’ll get another chance to do something like this again, so I’m making sure this is the end-all, be-all crossover.”

I cannot wait to see what they do with the crossover!  If it is a hit, I hope that it can be translated to an awesome Nintendo game!

Posted by Essel Pratt 10.07.2012 in Uncategorized
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What does Sega’s financial problems mean to gamers?

It has circulated the internet for a few weeks now, but what does Sega’s 7.1 billion yen loss mean to gamers?

To look at it plainly they are cutting slack, streamlining games, and sticking to franchises that they know will turn a profit.

Sega has already shut down it’s North American QA department, transferring most of the workload to Europe, while also cutting some marketing and social media positions.

Sega has also reported there will be a stronger focus on digital content. Sega already has a strong line up of digitally distributed games including the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 series along with Dreamcast and Genesis classics. So to focus more on digital content could mean anything from, re releasing more classic games (perhaps Saturn games?) to creating new downloadable IP’s like Renegade Op’s, which was released in September.

Downloadable games have always been a strong suit for downloadable titles but what about their big games? Sega has stated the Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, Football Manager and Aliens franchises are safe but little has been said about their other franchises.

It is good to know that the long awaited and much anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released, but with nothing being said about recent hits like Bayonetta and Binary Domain, it looks like they won’t be getting sequels.

On the heels of this announcement rumours began to circulate about a complete revamp of Sonic the Hedgehog, doing more of an open world concept (perhaps a Sonic Adventure  like game) to try to expand Sonic’s appeal even more.

Sega has been in tough financial positions before and have made some great games as a result. The focus on only a select few titles may prove to be helpful but the lack of a AAA IP could be just as harmful. Only time will tell how this will play out.


Posted by Cody Orme 26.04.2012 in Sega, Uncategorized
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Your Hedgehog Isn’t Named Sonic!?

Your Hedgehog Isn't Named Sonic!?

Yes, I have a hedgehog…no, her name is not sonic.  I actually named her Marceline, the Hedgehog Queen (a play on Marceline from Adventure Time).  Many have told me that by not naming her Sonic I have betrayed my gaming history.  I say that naming her Sonic would be too mainstream.

Have you named any pets (or kids?) after video game characters?  Any interesting stories to go along with it?


Posted by Essel Pratt 05.03.2012 in Uncategorized
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Sonic the Hedgehog to be Coming to the Wii U?

Recently the guys over at Siliconera had a chance to sit down and interview Yuji Naka, the guy who ushered in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He mentioned the possibility of making games for the Wii U in the future. As of right now, it seems that he really wants to get his hands on a Wii U development kit, so there seems to be a pretty good chance of seeing everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog standing tall next to his plumber counter-part some time in the future.

Do you have a Wii U development kit yet? Are you thinking about moving on to that platform?

I don’t have a development kit right now. [Laughs.] Please ask Nintendo to send me one! Or maybe Bandai Namco Games can send me one. I would really like a chance to play with that hardware. Right now there probably aren’t many development kits.

Posted by Mr. MITTH 03.10.2011 in News, Nintendo
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