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Modern Warfare Loves to Dish Out the Controversies

So, despite being a largely Nintendo related site, we do like to keep in the loop in regards to the larger video gaming world. And in turn, we like to keep you in the loop. With that being said, I’m sure many of you realize that Modern Warfare 3 just recently hit store shelves. And like the game before it, just a tad bit of controversy is following after it.

Modern Warfare 3 is of course the third title in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, a series which is infamous for throwing the player into the middle of epic firefights, edge of your seat nuclear cataclysms, and brutal special ops take downs. As well, since the release of Modern Warfare 2, the series has become rather famous for controversy.

Modern Warfare 2 famously contained a level, “No Russian,” which became wildly controversial for having the player play as a member of a terrorist group who proceed to brutally gun down dozens of innocent civilians in a Russian airport.

Modern Warfare 3 seems to be continuing that rich, controversial tradition.

[Some minor spoilers for Modern Warfare 3 follows]

In the third title, there is a brief cut scene which shows an American family on vacation in London. The scene is viewed through the lens of a camcorder held by the father, who is video taping his wife and young daughter as they laugh and see the sights. Before too long, a terrorist van pulls up beside the wife and daughter, unnoticed by the family, which proceeds to violently explode right next to the wife and daughter. The two are engulfed in flame, the camera is knocked to the ground and waves of black smoke roll over the scene.

The actual scene can be seen HERE. Pretty gruesome to say the least.

However, this particular controversy differs from the one in Modern Warfare 2 in a pretty big way. Mainly, you’re simply a passive viewer in the events of the Modern Warfare 3 scene; it’s almost entirely a cut scene. There are no moral choices the player can make which can change the fate of the young girl. In the “No Russian” scene, the player had full control to either kill innocent civilians or to hang back and let the other members of the group do all the dirty work.

As well, I think it needs to be noted that the killing of children is nothing new to the entertainment industry. While perhaps always shocking or disturbing to us on some level, there are dozens of movies where children are seen to be killed, some on screen and some off. Many times this helps to drive the plot in big ways and serves to make it clear to us just how bad and despicable the bad guys are, like it seems to do in the case of Modern Warfare 3.

But what do you guys think? Is Infinity Ward pushing the envelope just a wee bit too far or is it simply nothing more than a way to advance the plot in an ‘interesting’ way?

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Review: Halo (Xbox)

When you get past all of the chatter about the potential of Halo looking better on a PC, and all of the yip-yap about Halo being “just another” first person shooter, and all of the lip-flapping about Halo not being able to compete with the very best games on PS2 or GameCube and you actually sit down and play the game on your Xbox…you’re in for one hell of a game.

The only thing people need to be concerned about when it comes to Halo is how soon they’re going to get it and where they’re going to find the time to play. With a story good enough for a full length novel, audio and visual elements as detailed as any you’ve ever seen and excellent pacing, Halo is the reason for Xbox and vice versa. Bungie has brought to the Xbox the game that will prove hundreds of thousands of naysayers wrong (about the system and thegame) and bring sweet relief and joy to those who’ve been biting their nails and pacing in circles waiting for Microsoft’s machine to arrive. Hype is one thing; reality is another; Halo on Xbox is one of the best things to happen in videogames.


  • Situational First and Third Person perspectives.
  • Role-based, cooperative multiplayer team game
  • Play story mode as a single player or cooperatively with another player.
  • Choose from a variety of conventional human and powerful alien weaponry
  • Vehicles include marine jeeps and tanks to alien flyers and hovercrafts.
  • Squad based combat.
  • Enjoy the action with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Widescreen playback features.

The Story

Halo takes place in the far future where mankind is locked into a brutal war against a race of aliens known as the Covenant. These dudes are seriously evil. They wipe out entire planets at a time, and they are so fast at doing so that we poor humans are unable to get much information on them before they nuke us into oblivion.

The horde of aliens is getting closer and closer to Earth with the clock quickly ticking down before they completely annihilate our race. Finally the line is drawn. In a massive battle near a human planet, only one ship survives: Pillar of Autumn. The commander of the ship decides to lure the Covenant as far away from Earth as possible so she programs the ship’s AI to jump to some random location in the opposite direction of the home system.

Eventually the ship arrives at a distant area or space where they find both a gas giant called Threshold and its small moon known as Basis. This wouldn’t be so strange except for the fact that they find a giant ring construct floating between the two objects, which is about 10,000 miles in diameter. Unfortunately for the small ship, the entire Covenant battle fleet had followed them and arrived in the system shortly before.

When you boot up the game, you’re knee deep in the middle of the Autumn being evacuated. That giant ring construct is Halo and the secret that it holds is the part of the story that will be up to you to discover.

You will fire roughly 4 million rounds at all sorts of alien creatures and vehicles by the time you reach the end of Halo. It’s definitely a first person shooter with the emphasis on shoot. But it’s how you’re motivated to deal all of that damage that makes the experience so enjoyable. And I’m not referring to the backstory of the game either. The artificial intelligence of the enemies is sophisticated enough and increases in difficulty at such a nice steady pace to that you are literally getting better the more you play.

There are a handful of basic enemy types that you’ll encounter in Halo including the small annoying Grunts, force-field wearing Elites, shield carrying Jackals, terrifying Hunters and the good old cloaking Elites –they carry cool energy swords that you don’t want to know about. Each of the different enemy types behaves and attacks according to their specific “personalities” and so there are tactics in dealing with each.

Grunts are basically chicken-ish and so they like to attack when they have plenty of backup and run away once you isolate them or show your aggression. The magic is in how they express themselves. When Grunts run away they only get so far and hide behind cover before they muster some more courage and pop out again. You simply pop them at will with whatever weapon you have handy.

Elites have an entirely different plan. They have shields, just like you, so they’re more likely to go toe-to-toe. Once you get their shields down, however, they panic and become even more aggressive with a running melee attack of some kind. Since their shields are down, your best bet is to smash them with a melee attack of your own with whatever weapon you may be carrying. How often have you gotten frustrated in other FPS games and wished you could just smash the enemy in his side-chewing mouth? An up close and personal attack with the butt of your assault rifle is one of the more underrated joys that Halo will bring you.

Buy Halo here!

Posted by Dan 14.04.2011 in XBOX
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Review: Contra III (SNES)

Contra 3 is a fast paced, non stop shooting action game. Forget the stealth and action of today’s games, like Goldeneye and Metal Gear Solid, just hold down shoot and plow through those alien hordes. Its the sequel to the popular
Contra on the NES, but this game is easier and also more fun. Normal platforming/shooting sidescrolling levels are interspersed with mode 7 powered top-down pseudo 3d shooting bits, adding much more excitement to this already fun game. Different play ideas continue with a motorbike/helicopter/hanging off a missile level requiring quick jumping and precise shooting. When meeting an end of level boss, or even a mini-boss, I was awed by their size in contrast the normal enemy horde. Some bosses take quite a while of continuous shooting to beat, but when they fall, a satisfying large and continuous cavalcade of explosions follows.

If you’re nostalgic, playing this game may bring back memories of the NES version of Contra, with some of the bosses being complete rip-offs, but still fun. Six levels are their for anybody addicted to shooting things to work their way through, with the Hard difficulty level making things, well, hard. A co-operative mode, (something that is sorely lacking in many of today’s games) makes things a bit easier, with a mate there to cover your back, or to slap around the face if he makes you die by distracting you. The last level of this game is mainly mini bosses leading up to the last boss, and each time you beat one boss, you think the game’s going to end, but no, Konami throw another one at you.

rolling down the highway… (and beeing attacked by a gigantic flying boss)

The graphics are a large improvement over the NES (obviously) with medium-sized, colorful and well animated sprites amid atmospheric backdrops. The music is quite satisfying and is some of the best I have ever heard on a Snes cart, shame about the sound effects, while although they are satisfying, they lack the oomph of some games (like Blackthorne / Blackhawk’s meaty shotgun.) It is quite hard compared to some games and lacks any sort of password/battery backup system, so if you want to beat it, be prepared for a fairly long sitting (or standing, or lying down, whatever) session. Bring a mate around for some fast and furious 2 player co-operative action and you’ve got yourself a reason to come back again and again, and although you may have finished it yourself, and think you’re bored, the multiplayer action draws you back in. Looking for some hardcore action, with an extremely fun multiplayer mode? Play this and you won’t regret it. -

Review Score: 8/10

Buy Contra 3 here!

Creepy much?

Posted by Dan 31.01.2011 in Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
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Review: Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Sega Genesis)

The game begins in the neighborhood. The character of your choice (Zeke or Julie or both in 2-player mode) has to rescue innocent bystanders while collecting ammunition and keys. Zombies can also be killed by shooting them but other enemies require more of an effort. Zombies can also be shot with a bazooka and frozen with a cryo gun.  You can also throw plates at the zombies but I would recommend sticking with the primary gun. Exit doors randomly appear as you complete each level. Levels vary from the neighborhood, to grocery stores, shopping malls and pyramids. If the player is not careful, any foe in the game will kill the neighbors upon touch, preventing them from being saved. At least one neighbor must be saved from each level to progress to the next. The game is lost if the players lose all of their lives or if all of the neighbors in the current stage are killed. Scoring points earns players neighbors to save (but only up to 10) and extra lives. Each level has at most ten neighbors, and each neighbor kind is worth a certain amount of points.

Horror-movie monsters, including vampires, werewolves, huge demonic babies, merman, evil dolls, and the game’s flagship are ready to be your demise.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors received some censorship upon different releases due to its horror elements. It became a cult classic years after its release and a sequel entitled Ghoul Patrol was released in 1994 by LucasArts. However, it was not as well received as its predecessor and no further sequels were produced. It has since then become a cult classic among video games.

Concept: The concept is much like a simplified Left 4 Dead game. Basically, you kill zombies and save innocent people while collecting weapons and power-ups. The game has humerus titles for each levels. There is even a level, called Weird Kids on the Block, where the zombies are actually clones of your character. (pretty confusing at times)

Graphics: Relatively smooth and well-colored. Zombies and other creatures differ in appearance and sound. At times weapons are difficult to recognize though.

Game-play: The controls were difficult to figure out at first because the variety of items your character must use (health packs, a variety of weapons, and keys) but once I found a safe spot I could figure things out easier.

Ages: All- ages

Review Score: 8/10

Buy Zombies Ate My Neighbors here!

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Review: Jackal (NES)

The story is simple: The US has recently discovered the location of dozens of POW’s located in Vietnam.  A wide-scale rescue mission isn’t an option, so a team of Green Beret Jeep squads are assembled–Codenamed “JACKAL”, to rescue the POW’s.

Jackal’s graphics are average at best. Konami really didn’t put much effort on the graphics but focused on the gameplay, which is great. The jeep controls very well – the only problem is that sometimes your jeep can get hung up on a wall. The music is traditional Konami – very catchy and well done.

Your main weapon, a machine gun, can only be fired in the upward direction. Your secondary weapon, grenades (or missiles, when upgraded) can be fired in any direction. The goal of the game, as stated before, is to rescue the American POWs. You destroy huts to free the POWs as they come running out, then deliver them to a waiting helicopter. You find other huts scattered around that are colored differently from the normal ones – inside these huts are special POWs. Each one of these that you pick up upgrades your grenades – first to a missile, then to a two-way explosive missile, and finally to a four-way explosive missile.  However, there is only one special POW in each hut, and there’s only a couple of huts in each stage. If you die, you lose your upgrades. However, occasionally some POW’s will run around the battlefield after your death awaiting you (or if they’re clever, your friend on co-op) to rescue them.  The bosses aren’t very impressive, which is kind of odd when you take into account Konami’s rep for creating killer bosses. The last boss, though, is very cool – it’s a giant tank that attempts to cook you with a huge laser blast.

Now, there is unlimited ammo. However, for those of you looking for a fun way to take out your aggressions (or if you’re just sadistic), there are enemy foot soldiers running around. Every so often they’ll rip off a shot at you. You can either shoot them, bomb them, or (here’s the fun part) RUN THEM OVER! Yes, you too can mow down unsuspecting enemy soldiers with your jeep and see their little flattened forms lying motionless on the ground.

Review round-up:

Concept: Taking control of a jeep (or two if playing two player), you make your way through Vietnam and take out any opposition in your way. even if somewhat outlandish boss designs.

Entertainment: Konami knows how to make shooters. I prefer Contra or Guerrilla though.

Graphics: Not terrible for an NES game, but by no means noteworthy.

Sound: Catchy music, explosions are pretty standard.
Playability: This game has good controls, I can’t think of one thing to complain about, as far as the controls go they are excellent.

Replay Value: Moderate

Overview: The game is fun and isn’t that what really matters? Or has the world of next generation consoles clogged your minds to forget this wonderful game? Jackal is an excellent game – not very impressive graphically, but still tons of fun.

Review Score: 7.5/10

Buy it here.

What do you think of Konamis’ games? Have a favorite? Tell us: leave a comment!

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