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Pokémon Tourney Registration is Limited – Act Now!

Pokémon Tourney Registration is Limited - Act Now!

Logging onto the Global Link site to register for the next online tournament, the Pokémon 2012 International Challenge, yielded an important aspect of the event – space is limited. That said, get your battle boxes ready quickly folks because there’s always a chance every spot will fill up before registration ends on March 21st.

Also, remember that registration takes place largely on the Global Link website itself. You cannot register your ID and Battle Box in-game until you register on a computer through the website’s Global Battle Union page.

I’ll admit that even having taken part in the first online tourney, I was thrown for a loop this time around, not knowing exactly where to go to register first. Remember, register on a computer, and only then will your game allow you to register your Battle Box.

Next week marks the beginning of some heated double battles, and it raises the question – what’s everyone going to be using? Got any kick-butt strategies that are sure to win the day? Share ‘em in the comments below.

Posted by Michael Fletcher 15.03.2012 in News, Nintendo, Nintendo DS
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