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Old School Nintendo Training Video!

Old School Nintendo Training Video!

I think this still applies to today’s Video Gaming Market!


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Awesome Customized NES PC

We were contacted by Jamie Regan recently who created a pretty sweet NES PC. He wanted to sell it to us. While we do think its pretty awesome we did not want to buy it but I asked if he wanted to write about the process he used creating it. If you are interested in purchasing this email him at

Hi Guys,

I have built this NES PC when i had a bit too much spare time on my hands / Unemployed….

I basically have seen a few attempts of making these  and thought with my practical skills of being a Qualified Electrician i could built one a little bit better.

The Computer took considerable time and effort to build and my house ended up a heck of a mess just making this thing. I believe it is the best NES PC mod that has been made.

For the Case an old NES was stripped apart , had all the plastic cut out and was lined with sheet metal in order to fit all the components in and keep a sturdy solid case.

I have Tried to keep everything as discrete as possible so i have also lined the area around the disk drive with metal to give a neater appearance. The front panel where you would normally plug the game pads into has also been converted to two USB ports.


The Hardest Part was cutting out a space for the Back Input Panel of the Motherboard while trying to keep it neat. I couldn’t get it 100% Perfect but its a whole lot better than the rest of the attempts out there and certainly good for a first go at making one of these.


The Original NES power and reset buttons have been wired and soldered to the motherboard so that the computer operates just like the old NES would have. The Power LED is also fully Functional. :)

I managed to pick up an ASRock A330GC Mini Itx Motherboard  for this which managed to fit perfectly in the Old Nes case once it was all cut out. It contains a Dual Core Intel Atom 330 Processor 1.60 Ghz and runs pretty smooth. The full spec for this motherboard can be viewed here .

To power the board I have used a Mini ITX PC DC-DC Power Supply Board 120W PSU 12V. This is tiny and fitted perfectly within the case. It also gives of a little bit of blue light which kinda shines through the gaps in the Nes and makes it look kinda kool ;)

Other components used are a Samsung SN-208BB 8x DVD-RW DL & RAM SATA Laptop Drive which is fitted very nicely under the flap where you would usually insert your game cartridges and also a Seagate Momentus 7200.3 SATA 3Gb/s 160-GB Hard Drive. It also has 1 GB Ram DDR2 ( 2x 512MBs ).

I had to include a RetroLink Retro NES Style USB Game Pad that is unopened to top it off as well so that you can play all the old NES classic in retro fashion. :)

I learned a ton and picked up quite a few skills while making this and also enjoyed it but I already have a better PC which I use for sound engineering ,  so the NES PC has hardly ever been used. It is of no use to me  now apart from showing it off to friends so I’m putting it up for sale so that someone else may enjoy it.

Thanks for reading this, If you would like to make an offer or if you have any questions on how you could make one of these for yourself send me an email on

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Movie Based Games: Your Thoughts?

Yesterday I wrote about video games that have been made into movies.  It seemed to bring up quite the discussion amongst my friends.  Many thought that video game movies could be great if properly directed, however most do not turn out well at all.  Others thought that it should never be attempted.  Another argument centered on Advent Children and whether it was a good movie or not.  Overall, the conversations were very insightful.

Today, I would like to touch on the opposite side of the debate.  Should Movies be made into video games?  This seems to be as controversial as Mario in a Tanooki suit (why aren’t they protesting the frog suit?).  Many Movies have the potential to become great video games.  However it seems as though some are hurried for release, possibly to reap the financial benefits of the movie release.  Other games based on movies are excellent.  Some examples of great games based on movies are Star (not all, but most) as well as Willow (I know I will hear it about this choice) and Goldeneye.  Some of the Worst are Jaws, Moonwalker, Nightmare on Elm Street and Back to the Future.  In my opinion movie based games are overall a fairly good idea.  Even some that are hurried tend to have fun game play and allow you to immerse into the world featured on the big screen.

Now don’t get me wrong, not every movie should become a game.  No one wants to play a harrowing game of “When Harry Met Sally”, or take the roll of the fearless teacher in “Kindergarten Cop”.  What I am saying is that there is potential for a great game franchise resulting from a movie becoming a game.

I won’t waste space here by typing out movies that I think would make great games, but would love to hear from each of you.  What movies would you like to see turned into games?  What would you like to see in the game?  What movie based games did you like and what would you have done differently?  And finally what movie based games did you hate, Why and what would have made the game better?

I look forward to hearing your responses and discussions.  Please feel free to share the article with your friends on Face Book and Click the Tweet button so we can open up the floor for bigger dialogue.

Posted by Essel Pratt 16.11.2011 in Uncategorized
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Total Recall Review for the NES

Total Recall Review for the NES

Anyone who is an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan knows this movie, it’s an awesome thrill ride filled with action, comedy and even a little romance I guess but the NES game is just filled with disappointment.

Total Recall the game was developed by Interplay and Acclaim back in 1990. There were also other version done for the C64, Amiga and the Atari ST which was a home computer these versions were made by Ocean Software though.

When I first saw the game I thought to myself “Oh boy! A Total Recall game? This has to be great!” but much to my surprise I was let down by the title I mean just look at the back of the Box that the game came in.

The pictures of the game look good I guess but I couldn’t tell you if they are real or not because I can’t even make it past the third stage in the game, it’s freakin’ hard. Let’s get into why this game is just so terrible.

GAMEPLAY- Let’s start off with controls, as in most games A jumps and B punches/shoots. Shoots….yeah you read right you can shoot in the game just like the movie YAY! Well no, not yay. Using a gun in this game is just about as fun as brushing your teeth with sandpaper. The first gun you get in the game looks like an Uzi so you automatically think it’s going to be a rapid fire gun but no you can only shoot one bullet at a time, so is it like the normal gun you start off with like in Contra, you might ask. No it isn’t, no matter how fast you mash the button you are still limited to the slow fire rate. Oh and punching? Well if you like a crappy fighting system then yeah the punching is just right for you. Everything just feels wrong about this game.

GRAPHICS- This game looks so uninspired that it hurts my brain. Everything looks so bland it’s just so monotone. Even the Title Card is boring, Arnolds 8-bit portrait looks just ok but as soon as you hit the start button you will be greeted by some of the worst graphics in NES history. The first stage introduces us to the most monotone color choice of the game, will it get better as you move on? Nope, sadly it doesn’t and look at Arnold, dressed in all green which is just unappealing to the eye. You know what’s great? Punching Midgets. As you take 5 steps into the game you get pulled into an alleyway and have to fight Midgets. Why Midgets? Because they are half the size of Arnold which just looks freaky. I can’t say much to my favorite part of the graphics but here is a still image of it. You can make your own deductions of what THIS looks like.


SOUND- After 5 minutes you will hit the mute button. That is all…

REPLAYABILITY- If you enjoy getting your butt handed to you over and over again then this game is for you. I’ve managed to only get to the third stage and I’ve played this game to the point where I just wanted to punt my NES out of the window. You don’t have any continues, though you do have 3 lives which means absolutely nothing because while enemies have no problem in taking you out it’s hard as hell to punch them to death. They keep jumping over you and get so close that your punches do nothing to them. You have to back off a bit each time to actually hit them.

As a final note all I can say to this game is pass. Only buy it if you are a serious collector but if you are looking for a great movie to game adaptation then you should pick up Gremlins 2. Least that one was entertaining and had some great music but we’ll talk more about that one next time.

Anyway, this game is a solid Pass!

Posted by Chaotic 15.02.2011 in Original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
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Elevator Action Review for the NES

Elevator Action Review for the NES

It’s time for the Ultra Hard, Fast Paced Action Packed Game called


Elevator Action developed by Taito, was first seen in the Arcades in 1983 which was the “Golden Age of Arcades”. A time where Arcade games and Video Games alike grew in popularity. It was later released on the NES in 1985.

Now in Elevator Action you assume the role of a Spy who infiltrates a building filled with an insane amount of Elevators. It’s your job to locate secret documents while taking on enemy agents who are out for blood! You are able to evade their attacks, by jumping or just plain walking away like a scared 3 year old OR you can take them down by force, H-E-L-L Y-E-A-H!

You beat each stage by moving down 30 floors and escaping in your ride which is waiting for you in the basement floor but you can only escape if you picked up all secret documents. The stages get harder the further you progress which is of course pretty self-explanatory for an arcade game.

But enough talk about all this, let’s rate some stuff!

GAMEPLAY- Elevator Action uses a simple control scheme, B shoots and A jumps. If you press DOWN you crouch, this might take some getting used to for some people seeing as you are then locked in the crouch mode and only by pressing UP will you stand again. This didn’t prove to be a problem at all for me but like I said earlier it might for some. You are able to take down enemies by jumping at them, shooting them, squash them with an elevator or shooting out lights above them and making them drop on their heads. Gruesome? Perhaps. Fun? You betcha!

GRAPHICS- This is a category I don’t like at all. In the age we are in right now with Xbox 360s, PS3s and Wiis this might be something important but back in the 8-bit time graphics too me just don’t seem all that important. Some are nicer than others that is correct but this doesn’t inhibit the gameplay or the enjoyment at all in games from back in the 80’s if you ask me. So for this category I shall say….The Graphics are simple and remind me of an arcade game.

SOUND- Elevator Action shows us nothing new in the department of Music of Sound FX. The music is bland, the sound effects are just your typical gunshots and what not. So nothing noteworthy.

REPLAYABILITY- Well like all Arcade games you have to have a passion to keep on playing these. Some might find themselves playing it over and over again while others might only play it once or twice and then wait a whole month or so to play it again. Personally I see myself playing this game rather often just for the simple fun of playing an old Arcade classic in my house.

My final though on Elevator Action is this: For an old Arcade game this NES port is fantastic, through it’s simple design you can still pull out many a hours of fun. If you are a person who likes to achieve High Scores then this is a game for you. It starts off easy but then gradually increases in difficulty which allows you to easily pick it up if you are a new comer to the game who’s looking for some Arcade fun.

I rate this game as a BUY

Posted by Chaotic 08.02.2011 in Original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
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