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Fi, Why Are You so Good to Me? Why…?

She’s there to serve Link, her master. Dwelling within a sword crafted by goddesses, Fi offers her infinite wisdom without even the thought of a reward. What world-altering secrets rest within her mind just waiting to be divulged to the Hero of the Goddesses?

“Link, your hearts have reduced significantly. I suggest you locate more.”

Um…ok. Well, they are low, I guess. Thanks, Fi. Pretty sure the constant, audible ringing of ┬áLink’s heart meter could have told me that, but…yeah. Maybe the next one will be more useful.

“There is a 98% probability that the item in question is located within Eldin Volcano.”

Wow, thanks Fi! Even if the person I was just speaking to before you said the exact…same thing, only with different wording. You know Fi, I don’t think this is working out. Maybe-

“This appears to be a lock. There is a high probability that there is a key located somewhere in this dungeon.”

…Honestly? And this happens all the time. I’m not sure if Nintendo actively sought to create a character even more annoying than Navi or not, but if they did…well, then she’s actually fairly charming in a throwback sort of way. It’s either that, or Nintendo assumes that we, the players, are complete idiots; which I don’t believe to be the case.

Fi’s either an homage to Navi – a living hyperbole of helpfulness, or she’s the biggest crutch Nintendo’s ever crafted. I’m inclined to believe the first option, however, since Skyward Sword’s equivalent to the Super Guide is already in place. It’s like Miyamoto sat in his chair late at night, sat back, and said, “If you thought Navi was annoying, wait ’til you meet Fi.” Kudos, Miyamoto! Job well done.

Like I said, though; as annoying as she can be, she’s charming in her own way. I can picture Link lowering and shaking his head while mumbling, “Oh, Fi…oh Fi,” and images like that make her lovable in her own, strange way. The over-analytical Fi has offered me a great many laughs resulting from her blatantly obvious hints. Telling me that Link’s wallet was full during a heated boss fight tops that list. If a gal can make you laugh, she’s a keeper. So, it looks like Fi’s here to stay. She’s no Midna – she’s Navi times ten, and she’s dowsed her way straight into my heart.

Posted by Michael Fletcher 03.01.2012 in Humor, Nintendo, Nintendo Wii
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