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What is Retro’s next game?

What is Retro's next game?

Retro Studios has been Nintendo’s go to developer for most of the last Decade. But since their release of Donkey Kong Country Returns in 2010, they have been silent. While they did work on some tracks for Mario Kart 7, Retro has not released a full game in two years, and gamers haven’t heard a peep.

Nintendo has kept their mouths shut, but recently Shigeru Miyamoto dispelled one rumour- Retro Studios isn’t working on Legend of Zelda.

While many fans were devastated to hear this, it just added fuel to the speculation, what is Retro Studios working on?

While no one except for Retro and Nintendo know for sure, there are some culprits who are due for the Retro treatment.


Metroid is the first that comes to mind. After the huge negative backlash Metroid: Other M received, it would make sense to hand the franchise back over to the studio that did such an amazing job with the series.

With that being said however, Retro wanted to branch away from Metroid, which is one of the reasons why they worked on Donkey Kong Country Returns. Maybe five years away was enough.


Speaking of Donkey Kong, perhaps Retro is working on a sequel to the beloved Wii title. The 2.5 D graphics could work out wonderfully with the new Wii U tablet controller. This may be the most logical option out of this list seeing as it was Retro’s last game.


Branching away from the jungle back out to space, Star Fox has seen brighter days. Ever since Star Fox: Adventures for the Gamecube, fans have slowly seen the series go downhill. Maybe the Retro treatment can bring the series back to the limelight. Retro is known for bringing classic Nintendo franchises back to their roots, but make it feel new at the same time. Maybe a fresh HD Star Fox could do wonders for the series.


While some fans have been begging for a new Star Fox, many have been asking for a new F-Zero.

The series has not seen a console release since F-Zero: GX on the Gamecube back in 2003 when Nintendo and Sega worked together for its release.

The series is due for a revival, and considering it was one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises it would make sense for it to make its return in HD. Its fast paced futuristic racing gameplay mixed with Nintendo’s new focus on online play could make it a smash hit on the Wii U.


Going back even further than F-Zero, Excitebike hasn’t seen much love from Nintendo recently.

While it would need some upgrades since its last console experience on the N64, Retro could add some fresh racing mechanics and keep the Design Mode from the original title to share with friends online.


A game that hasn’t been mentioned really anywhere in regards to a Retro revival is Earthbound.

The Mother Series was a big success in Japan; it sold moderately well in North America but we only got one instalment of the series. An N64 title was in the works. However it never saw a release. Perhaps now is the time for Retro to bring back this beloved series. The possibilities for it are endless with the tablet controller; there would be many happy gamers if this was the release.


Maybe Retro isn’t actually reviving a series this time around. Maybe, just maybe, Retro Studios has been given the reigns to make a fresh new IP for the Wii U. Fans have been begging Nintendo for something new, maybe this is it.


No one knows what Retro has up its sleeve; these are just some suggestions as to what the Studio is doing. Maybe in a few months they will be ready to announce whatever it is they are working on.

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Donkey Kong 3D on its Way? Eventually…

Donkey Kong 3D on its Way? Eventually...

Sites such as IGN have reported that there might be a Donkey Kong 3D in the works. Apparently, pre-order cases have started appearing on the shelves of game retailers, though they’re obviously simple mock-ups pasted together to take up shelf space. Nintendo hasn’t officially announced anything themselves, and since they personally spilled the beans about DKC Returns, I’d wait to hear it from them.

Still, it does make one think. After all, Donkey Kong’s made an appearance on pretty much every Nintendo console or handheld in the company’s history, and it’s only a matter of time until he swings onto the 3DS. Who knows? Maybe Retro themselves will develop it. It’s no stretch to say that DKC Returns was not only one of the best Donkey Kong games but one of the finest platformers ever created. I for one would love to see them deliver another exquisite platforming experience. They have yet to really strut their stuff in the handheld department, too. It’d be interesting to see what they could pull off using the 3DS hardware.

If the title of the game is really going to be Donkey Kong 3D (again, it’s still up for debate whether this is real or not), it can be assumed that we won’t be getting a gimmicky romp through the trees the likes of DK: King of Swing and DK: Jungle Climber. A simple title should yield a simple concept – straightforward platforming…but in 3D.

Unfortunately, all DK fans can do at this point is speculate as to what the big N has in store for the great ape. What does everyone else want to see in a future DK title for the 3DS? What kind of gameplay do you want to see? Think Retro will develop it? What about the enemies? Want to see K. Rool return with his band of reptilian Kremlings? Let us know in the comments below.

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The “Double Game”

“Double game” is what I started calling the phenomenon Super Mario Galaxy introduced me to after the game’s credits rolled. By now, everyone and their Mario brother should know that Galaxy treated players to a post-game romp as the younger, greener Mario sibling with an upped difficulty and Luigi-specific jump/run mechanics. For Luigi fans such as myself it was a spectacular treat, but more importantly, it extended the life of an already lengthy game in a way I had never really experienced before. “Replay value” took on a whole new meaning.

I was used to getting every Star, Shine Sprite, or Star Coin in the main game, then replaying levels as necessary to get whatever I’d missed. Enter “Super Luigi Galaxy” which doubled and then some the game’s lifespan with enough variety to keep a gamer coming back for more – the “double game,” which I think deserves a title all its own. This is no mere post-game multiplayer or tying up loose ends. It’s not a boss arena or a challenge room, and it’s not World 9 – it’s the entire game twisted into something different. Mario’s certainly not the only one to do this, either. It is, sadly, one of the few Nintendo franchises I’ve seen blatantly include a “double game,” though. Donkey Kong and Kirby are the only other ones that comes to mind when I think about this kind of experience. DKC Returns includes a Mirror Mode with clear rewards for completing mirrored stages, and many Kirby games feature the famous “Meta Knight Mode” of some kind. I guess Metroid’s “Hard Modes” could also count on a certain level.

The idea that a game’s life could essentially be doubled introduced itself to me with Mario Galaxy. I’m not saying it’s the first game to ever pull something as major as this to extend its life. It is, however, what prompted me to begin looking beyond every new release’s “post-game” and seek that ever-elusive “double game” where things once familiar seem as strangers all over again.

Which games do you think deserve a “double game,” and how do you think it would be best implemented?

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