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What if Characters Switched Games?

What if Characters Switched Games?

We all have our favorite characters and our favorite games.  I have found that many times the two are not the same.  For example, My favorite gaming series is a close tie between Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, but my favorite character is Mario.  Obviously Mario is not a good fit for my favorites.

But what if the characters swapped games?  Would they be as fun, or funner?

Imagine killing Zombies in Call of Duty as Kirby, or if Link was out to destroy Mother Brain?  Or what about a simple swap such as Zelda trying to save Link from Ganon (Although many out there think this is true already)?

I have played some flash games out there that have inserted characters such as Mega Man, Samus, and Ryu Hayabusa!  It is great to switch it up sometimes, but can also be frustrating, for example Mega Man doesn’t jump as smoothly as our buddy Mario.

Even though it is fun to play the mixed up games, I always seem to go back to the originals.  I guess you just can’t beat the classics!

What would be your ideal switch, and why?


Posted by Essel Pratt 23.02.2012 in Roundup, Uncategorized
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