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The Commodore 64 is New Again!

The Commodore 64 is New Again!

Many old school gamers remember the glory of owning the Commodore 64.  The technological wonder from 1982 sold around 17 Million units at a whopping $595.00US.

The C64 was used for Office productivity as well as gaming.  One of the reasons for the popularity of the machine was that it could not only be purchased through eh manufacturer and Electronics stores, but also from your average retail store.  This made the accessibility of acquiring the machine very easy. 

I remember that a Cousin of mine had the Commodore 64, and whenever I would go to their house on Holidays I would be sure to sit in front of the machine and play a game that would allow you to explore the planets.  The only thing I really remember about the game is that it would tell you your weight on the various planets.  By today’s standards it would be a horrible game, but back then it was AWESOME!

Did you know that the Commodore 64 is still being sold?!

The New Commodore 64 has the classic look with a few upgrades.  Sure it can run the Commodore OS which will allow you to play 8-bit classic games, but it can also dual boot to your favorite version of windows!  For a full list of the specifications, click here and here.  For the low price of only $395.00US, This would be awesome for the retro computer nerd. 

Personally, i would not spend the money on it, since I already have a computer, but if someone gave it to me, I would definitely spend a week playing with it.  I like that they kept the retro look and feel.  What are your thoughts?  The device has been around for a while now, do you know someone that has purchased it?

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