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NBA JAM Review for the SNES


NBA JAM possibly the best Basketball game ever to be released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This game is beyond fun. Rack up some serious dunks on your own or grab a friend and have him help you with a few assists. Hell it is so easy even your kid sister/ brother could play it.

But let’s get inside the game and take a look at its history. NBA JAM first came out as an Arcade game back in 1993, it was developed by Midway and designed/ programmed by Mark Turmell (who was also behind NFL Blitz and the hit Arcade game Smash TV). It is said that NBA JAM was the start of the Arcade-style sports games, such as NFL Blitz, MLB Slugfest, 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge and even WWF WrestleMania, which are all phenomenal Arcade-styles games that even when ported over to the SNES of Sega Genesis, stayed pretty much true to their Arcade Machine roots.

What made NBA JAM so popular is the exaggerated nature of how it let you play. Players were able to jump above 10 feet in the air, making slam dunks that defied the laws of physics, take that Isaac Newton. You are also given a Turbo Meter which basically allows you to run faster and shove people over which takes about 1/4th of your Turbo Charge. Also there are no fouls, free throws, or violations except for goaltending and the 24 second violations, which if you play it right you should never even get the 24 second violation. The goaltending, well I seem to be able to make that happen pretty often.

Going,going and...Boomshakalaka!

But as if no rules (except for those two mentioned) weren’t fun enough you have something called “FIRE” which basically gives you unlimited Turbo, no goaltending and an increased shooting ability. To fire your player up you must get 3 consecutive points, if the other team gets one point you gotta start all over. Once you are fired up your player will be on fire until the other¬†¬† team scores a point, simple right?

Want to hear another cool feature the game has? Well think about this….You got the ball, you are heading down the court at high speed, Blaylock and Willis behind you trying to steal the ball from you, you jump up, high in the sky, do a triple forward somersault and slam that ball into the rim as only Bill Clinton could. Wait what? No you didn’t read wrong, this game actually allowed you to play as Bill Clinton! Put in a certain code at the Record Keeping screen and you too could play as Bill,Hugo the Mascot of the Charlotte Hornets, Mark Turmell, Jazzy Jeff and even the Fresh Prince himself! In the sequel to NBA JAM, NBA JAM Tournament Edition you were able to play as Mortal Kombat Characters but this was removed from later copies of the game due to their violent nature, thanks to the NBA, really thanks guys.

This game is a must have for any sports fan and also any non sports fan. There is no reason not to like NBA JAM, it’s a fast-paced game that is easy to play and just all around fun.

So get some friends together and have some old fashioned Tournaments with this SNES Gem. Buy NBA Jam for Super Nintendo Here

Don’t have a SNES? Oh, well then just get it for the Sega Genesis or you could just get the remake for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. In my opinion though the SNES version is the best all around, just saying.

Anyway thanks for reading my review, comments and feedback are much appreciated.

Chaotic Out




Posted by Chaotic 03.09.2011 in Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
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