Iwata: Smartphones Are Nintendo’s Friend, But Not Best Buds

Iwata: Smartphones Are Nintendo's Friend, But Not Best Buds

Everyone seems to have a smartphone now days.  You would think that with their power and ease of access, they would become a bigger opponent of the handheld consoles, such as the Vita and 3DS.  However, people still seem to avoid them for serious gaming.

In my eyes, I think Smartphones have a great potential.  I have played multiple Square Enix games and have had a wonderful experience.  But still, I like the operation of phone and console.  It seems that Nintendo’s Iwata feels similar.  In a recent investor Q & A, he noted that Smartphones and Tablets should not be compared to “traditional” systems.  A dedicated gaming device just offers more for the gamer.

Iwata’s response to the investors was, “For instance, those who are interested in the Animal Crossing series, but are not aware of Nintendo Direct might have seen a tweet about the video and the link to it on their Twitter timeline and actually accessed it on their smartphone. In this context, smartphones are nothing but our friend.

Above all, we have two things to do: to offer consumers gaming experiences which smart devices cannot realize and to actively try to make smart devices our allies, not our enemies.”
What are your thoughts on Mobile gaming.  Can the two mesh, or is Iwata correct?

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Pure Nintendo Kickstarter: 7 Days To Go!

When I heard the news that Nintendo Power was ending publication, I was crushed.  I almost blame myself for not picking up an issue in years, but in my childhood I was an avid subscriber.  I can remember anticipating the newest issue’s arrival, then slowly thumbing through the pages to ensure I did not miss a single detail.  Now that it is gone, I feel that a piece of my childhood is lost.  I know there are a lot of gaming magazines out there, but none are devoted exclusively to Nintendo products.  Now, that is not a bad thing, but only a purely Nintendo magazine could devote the love and attention that our favorite gaming company deserves.

Our friends over at PureNintendo.com are just as passionate about the Nintendo universe as we are here at Infendo.  They also felt the void left by Nintendo Power’s demise, so Nate Sylvia and  Justin Sharp decided to do something about it!  They decided to launch a Kickstarter project to help them raise the money needed to publish a high quality magazine that would include “high definition screen shots, photos, and intelligent articles”.  Pure Nintendo Magazine will be perfect for the fan that prefers a print version, as well as a digital version for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

“We love Nintendo and we hope you do too!! Help us prove to the gaming community that there are still Nintendo fans out there who have an insatiable appetite for all things Nintendo! “, pretty much sums up the passion that Nate and Justin have for this project.  Their devotion to the king of consoles is what will set Pure Nintendo apart from other gaming magazines.

The Kickstarter project has a goal of $20,000.00 and ends on October 11 at 10:19 PM EDT.  Those that pledge at least $10.00 to this amazing project will be awarded with some great items, such as a Pure Nintendo sticker, or for $20.00 a year subscription and other fantastic awards (I personally want to hoodie)!

I urge everyone to check out their Kickstarter page and consider pledging at least one dollar if you can.  the dedications and support of fans like us are needed to help bring the vision of Pure Nintendo Magazine forth.  I, for one, am very excited to see the success of the of the magazine and will be proud to say that my contribution helped make it happen!  To check out the project and submit your pledge, click the following link!



To view their latest edition of the magazine, click the link below, or click the picture at the top of the page!


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New Black 2 and White 2 Trailer Surfaces

New Black 2 and White 2 Trailer Surfaces

The Japanese Pokémon site was updated earlier today with a link to a new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Interestingly, this trailer is fully animated in the style of the Pokémon television anime, and showcases our new male hero in some fairly sticky situations. The trailer is animated beautifully, and seems to indicate a more mature tone for the franchise, as Black and White themselves have already done. Elesa’s fairly risqué wardrobe and introduction, Emboar’s intensity, Seviper blatantly attacking a trainer – it’s not exactly “dark,” but it’s clear that the story and characters of late have been tweaked to appeal more to older players.

The trailer, of course, does more than dish out plates of fanservice for battle-lovers. Potential spoilers for the first games lie ahead, so avert your eyes now if you’re not already in the know.

N is clearly returning with the dragon he rode off on at the first game’s conclusion. Team Plasma is far from defeated, though they appear to have a new enemy in addition to our main hero, who is seen conversing with him at a fountain under the shadow of night. Also returning is the Shadow Triad whose allegiance, at this point, is something of a mystery. Seeing as N’s motives are unknown, and Ghetsis ordered the Triad to stop looking for him whilst on the run, their role in everything is going to be very interesting. Oh, and Unova is indeed very much covered in ice in some places, even within cities. The question is, why?

Why, indeed? This trailer raises more questions than it answers, and hopefully the mysterious air surrounding this game will remain as such until it’s released so everyone can dive headlong into its story for themselves. I’ve a feeling this one’s going to be pretty special. It’s a wonderful time to be a Pokémon fan.

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“Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?” Officially Announced!

"Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?" Officially Announced!

It looks like it’s pretty official now – there’s an Adventure Time video game coming to the 3DS and DS this Fall, as confirmed by the press release posted on the Frederator Studios blog. Creator of the wildly popular cartoon series, Pendleton Ward, announced the game less than officially on his Twitter account a couple months ago, but it’s nevertheless reassuring to finally see a proper press release with the final title (sheer brilliance, by the way) of the game, cover art (final or not), and a confirmed release window. It’d be nice to know, however, if this is going to be purchasable physically in a retail store or if it will be a downloadable title.

For those not in the know, WayForward, the same developers behind some of the greatest platformers released in recent years (Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Switch Force, A Boy and His Blob, etc.), has begun working very closely with Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward to create a game based on the Cartoon Network series. It’s anyone’s guess right now, however, as to what kind of gameplay it will boast.

If WayForward’s track record and the nature of the show itself are any indication, it’s safe to bet it will predominantly feature platforming gameplay, but likely with a few surprises thrown in. It’d be neat if, for example, gameplay switched to a top-down view for dungeons, mimicking The Legend of Zelda, or if rhythm-based sections along the lines of Rhythm Heaven made their way in. I’d also expect some RPG elements to come into play, as well. Levels, stats, weapon and form upgrades – the sky’s the limit. The Land of Ooo lends itself to a game like this, being largely inspired by classic and modern video games in the first place, and it’ll be interesting to see how WayForward and Pen Ward flesh out this fantastic world we’ve thus far only been able to glimpse through our television screens.

It’s a fairly safe bet the game’ll be great – after all, the show actually does have a decent plot if you care enough to follow it (a rarity among cartoons today),  lots of  surprisingly developed characters living in an eerie, post-apocalyptic world, and kick-butt tunes (again, inspired by retro gaming). With all of these elements colliding in a game, well…I just hope our DS’s and 3DS’s don’t explode from all the awesome. The next few months are going to be an exciting time for Adventure Time fans. And who knows – if this game proves to be a success, maybe it’ll re-open the door for quality games based on our cartoons.

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Exclusive Pre-Order Content

Exclusive Pre-Order Content

There used to be a time in which pre-ordering a game was only a dream.  A time when you actually had to stand in line, sometimes for hours, in order to get your hands on a cartridge before it was sold out.  I remember when Ocarina of Time came out in 1998.  I was working in the mall, next to EB Games.  I had to fight my way through the line just to get into my store.  And then, when it was finally open, customers could not even get in because the line was so big.  It actually started a few fights because the Zelda fanboys thought my customers were trying to cut in line.

Today pre-ordering a game is the norm.  What better way to strut past those gamers, that waited until the last minute, while waiving your golden ticket in their faces!  When Pre-ordering started, it definitely stopped the unnecessarily long lines like the one in the example above, but it didn’t stop them completely.  For those that don’t have the game shipped directly to them, they will still wait outside their favorite store at midnight so they can rush home and be the first to play.

In the beginning, everybody got the same game.  It didn’t matter if you went to EB Games or Wal Mart.  Then the developers got smart (or money hungry, not sure which) and began to offer exclusive posters/trinkets/statues with their games.  Many times these special editions costs more, but gave you got something special to display.  Something to prove that you were a true fan!  I liked this idea because, other than the game itself, you had something physical to hold onto and display.

The gaming industry eventually began to offer downloadable content.  At first I was pretty excited that I could now download new uniforms, guns, and in some cases new levels.  It made game play exciting and broke up some of the monotony.  However, the gaming industry realized that they could profit from exclusive downloadable content at the launch of a new game.  If all pre-orders contained the same content, I would be okay with it.  Unfortunately, that content now depends on where you buy the game.  This is why I am not a fan of exclusive content.

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