Star Wars In 60 Seconds

Ever want to watch Star Wars, but just didn’t have the time?  Maybe this video by 1A4STUDIO will suffice?


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I wanted to take the opportunity to share this with out readers one more time.  With only 4 days remaining, there are currently 8- backers totaling $3,708 for the NEW HORROR GRAPHIC NOVEL/COMIC SERIES: EVIL JESTER PRESENTS.  Although my short story was not accepted for this round, I am still a huge supporter of this project.  With your help, this project can become a success and provide more opportunities for writers to expand their talents into the world of comics.  Some of the backer perks have also been updated to sweeten the pot.  If you have already checked it out, go ahead and give it a second look.  And while you are there, be sure to share it with your friends!


Comic books have always been a passion of mine.  While in high school, I could say that I was addicted.  In fact, at my worst, I was spending close to $200.00 per month on my favorites.  The main stream comics, such as X-Men and Batman were always great, but those that stepped over the line of normal always appealed to me more.

As a writer of horror, I have always been intrigued by comics that bordered into scary and macabre.  The toxic stench of inks intertwined with the visual stimulation of the artwork creates something that cannot be captured fully in film.  Just a hint of the eye catching story, leaves enough room for the imagination to control the rest of the experience, leaving your mind to play upon your fears as you read.

The Evil Jester Presents kickstarter gives you the opportunity to become part of the resurrection of the classic horror genre.  The 60 page Graphic Novel delves deep into your fears and tickles your fright with wonderful stories of pure horror genius.


The project is currently being developed by Charles Day and Taylor Grant.  Charles is the Bram Stoker Award®-nominated YA author of THE LEGEND OF THE PUMPKIN THIEF, and the owner/founder of Evil Jester Press, a quality publisher of award-winning horror novels, but is also the Horror Writer Association’s Mentor Program Chairperson and Co-Chair for the NY/LI Chapter, as well as a member of the New England Horror Writers Association.  Taylor Grantis an author, filmmaker, actor, Hollywood script consultant, and award-winning copywriter, as well as an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association and is currently the Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of Evil Jester Comics.

With many award winning writers already announced, check back often as the list of amazing authors is revealed.  Check out the list below for the current list of authors!  While you check out the page, be sure to pledge what you can, even if it is only $1.00!

GARY BRAUNBECKHorror icon and winner of both the Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild Award.

RAMSEY CAMPBELL. The most honored writer in the horror industry and often called “Britain’s most respected living horror writer.”

JACK KETCHUM. Multiple award-winning author who Stephen King calls “The Scariest Guy in America.”

JONATHAN MABERRY. New York Times Bestselling author and renowned comic book writer for Marvel comics.

JOE McKINNEY.  Bram Stoker Award-winning author of the critically and commercially successful Dead World series.

WILLIAM F. NOLAN. Legendary author of the Logan’s Run series with over 80 books to his credit.

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Final Fantasy Ballad Of The Mages

Please tell me that I am not the only one that wants to see a full length Muppet Final Fantasy movie!  Well Done Brentalfloss!













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Ash’s pokemon Journey

Ash's pokemon Journey

As we approach the 15th anniversary of the Pokemon anime (September 2013) I thought it appropriate to take a look back on Ash’s journey.  The above graph shows us the Pokemon he has caught from the beginning and forward.

What is your favorite pokemon memory?

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Is It Really the End for the ‘Dark Knight’?

Holy finale, Batman!

As the approach of The Dark Knight Rises premiere comes closer, many fans of the Christopher Nolan’s Batman films have begun wondering if this really is the last Batman film in the Dark Knight trilogy.

Rumors that Nolan might be directing another Batman film likely began circulating due to the fact that Nolan is now associated with two DC comic book heroes. Along with directing The Dark Knight series, Nolan is also working alongside fellow director David Goyer to write the upcoming film Man of Steel, based on yet another beloved superhero–Superman.

As if the possibility of another Batman film wasn’t enough, some fanshave also speculated that Nolan would attempt to tackle a Justice League-esque film. Even though Nolan seemed to be leaving a string of DC heroes in his wake, when Entertainment weekly asked if he had any plans for this type of movie, Nolan replied, “No, none at all.”

Most fans would probably love to see Nolan direct another Batman movie; however, Nolan has already made it clear that he has no plans to direct another Batman film or any other related film.

According to New York Daily News, Nolan further denied any involvment with future Batman films by saying, “We’ve had our say on the character…. I’ve got no plans to do anything more, and certainly, no involvement with any Justice League project.”

Although a lot of fans will be disappointed by this news, Nolan had some reassuring words for all his fans.

Batman will outlive us all, and our interpretation was ours,” he said. “Obviously, we consider it definitive and kind of finished. The great thing about Batman is he lives on for future generations to reinterpret, and obviously, Warners will have to decide in the future what they’re going to do with him.

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