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Posted by Dan 05.06.2012 in Uncategorized
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Draw A Stickman Episode 2 Launches

Draw A Stickman Episode 2 Launches

If you have played around with the clever web/mobile app Draw A Stickman (and if you haven’t you should) The second episode is now live. If you are not familiar with the Draw A Stickman concept, basically the user draws his own stickman who is then taken on an adventure where you will also be asked to draw accessories for the stickman you created.

A very clever fun little adventure to go on if you have a couple of minutes to spare. You can check out the web version of Draw a Stickman Here or Check out the Draw A Stickman Episode 2 App Here

Posted by Dan 09.03.2012 in Humor, Mobile Apps
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20 Pokemon Re-Imagined by an Artist

We saw these over at and thought they were worth sharing.











To see the rest visit

What do you think of these?


Posted by Dan 01.02.2012 in Nintendo
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Nintendo Loses $575 Million, are they in trouble?

Nintendo revealed on Thursday it expects to post its first full-year loss at an operating level in company history. Nintendo publicly revealed that it expects an annual operating loss of $575 million

Nintendo also cut annual sales forecasts for its once-dominant Nintendo Wii console from 12 million to 10 million. In addition, sales of the Nintendo 3DS portable game console were slashed from 16 million to 14 million.

“We had higher expectations for the year-end season, but failed to meet them,” Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said to reports in Osaka, Japan.

Nintendo drastically cut the price of the 3DS by $80 last year only months after it was released. Now available for $169.99 in the U.S., the console faces significant pressure from smartphones like Apple’s iPhone, along with the iPod touch.

Can the Wii U Save Nintendo or is this the beginning of the end?


Posted by Dan 27.01.2012 in News, Nintendo
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Awesome Customized NES PC

We were contacted by Jamie Regan recently who created a pretty sweet NES PC. He wanted to sell it to us. While we do think its pretty awesome we did not want to buy it but I asked if he wanted to write about the process he used creating it. If you are interested in purchasing this email him at

Hi Guys,

I have built this NES PC when i had a bit too much spare time on my hands / Unemployed….

I basically have seen a few attempts of making these  and thought with my practical skills of being a Qualified Electrician i could built one a little bit better.

The Computer took considerable time and effort to build and my house ended up a heck of a mess just making this thing. I believe it is the best NES PC mod that has been made.

For the Case an old NES was stripped apart , had all the plastic cut out and was lined with sheet metal in order to fit all the components in and keep a sturdy solid case.

I have Tried to keep everything as discrete as possible so i have also lined the area around the disk drive with metal to give a neater appearance. The front panel where you would normally plug the game pads into has also been converted to two USB ports.


The Hardest Part was cutting out a space for the Back Input Panel of the Motherboard while trying to keep it neat. I couldn’t get it 100% Perfect but its a whole lot better than the rest of the attempts out there and certainly good for a first go at making one of these.


The Original NES power and reset buttons have been wired and soldered to the motherboard so that the computer operates just like the old NES would have. The Power LED is also fully Functional. :)

I managed to pick up an ASRock A330GC Mini Itx Motherboard  for this which managed to fit perfectly in the Old Nes case once it was all cut out. It contains a Dual Core Intel Atom 330 Processor 1.60 Ghz and runs pretty smooth. The full spec for this motherboard can be viewed here .

To power the board I have used a Mini ITX PC DC-DC Power Supply Board 120W PSU 12V. This is tiny and fitted perfectly within the case. It also gives of a little bit of blue light which kinda shines through the gaps in the Nes and makes it look kinda kool ;)

Other components used are a Samsung SN-208BB 8x DVD-RW DL & RAM SATA Laptop Drive which is fitted very nicely under the flap where you would usually insert your game cartridges and also a Seagate Momentus 7200.3 SATA 3Gb/s 160-GB Hard Drive. It also has 1 GB Ram DDR2 ( 2x 512MBs ).

I had to include a RetroLink Retro NES Style USB Game Pad that is unopened to top it off as well so that you can play all the old NES classic in retro fashion. :)

I learned a ton and picked up quite a few skills while making this and also enjoyed it but I already have a better PC which I use for sound engineering ,  so the NES PC has hardly ever been used. It is of no use to me  now apart from showing it off to friends so I’m putting it up for sale so that someone else may enjoy it.

Thanks for reading this, If you would like to make an offer or if you have any questions on how you could make one of these for yourself send me an email on

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