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New Black 2 and White 2 Trailer Surfaces

New Black 2 and White 2 Trailer Surfaces

The Japanese Pokémon site was updated earlier today with a link to a new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Interestingly, this trailer is fully animated in the style of the Pokémon television anime, and showcases our new male hero in some fairly sticky situations. The trailer is animated beautifully, and seems to indicate a more mature tone for the franchise, as Black and White themselves have already done. Elesa’s fairly risqué wardrobe and introduction, Emboar’s intensity, Seviper blatantly attacking a trainer – it’s not exactly “dark,” but it’s clear that the story and characters of late have been tweaked to appeal more to older players.

The trailer, of course, does more than dish out plates of fanservice for battle-lovers. Potential spoilers for the first games lie ahead, so avert your eyes now if you’re not already in the know.

N is clearly returning with the dragon he rode off on at the first game’s conclusion. Team Plasma is far from defeated, though they appear to have a new enemy in addition to our main hero, who is seen conversing with him at a fountain under the shadow of night. Also returning is the Shadow Triad whose allegiance, at this point, is something of a mystery. Seeing as N’s motives are unknown, and Ghetsis ordered the Triad to stop looking for him whilst on the run, their role in everything is going to be very interesting. Oh, and Unova is indeed very much covered in ice in some places, even within cities. The question is, why?

Why, indeed? This trailer raises more questions than it answers, and hopefully the mysterious air surrounding this game will remain as such until it’s released so everyone can dive headlong into its story for themselves. I’ve a feeling this one’s going to be pretty special. It’s a wonderful time to be a Pokémon fan.

Posted by Michael Fletcher 16.05.2012 in News, Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS
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“Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?” Officially Announced!

"Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?" Officially Announced!

It looks like it’s pretty official now – there’s an Adventure Time video game coming to the 3DS and DS this Fall, as confirmed by the press release posted on the Frederator Studios blog. Creator of the wildly popular cartoon series, Pendleton Ward, announced the game less than officially on his Twitter account a couple months ago, but it’s nevertheless reassuring to finally see a proper press release with the final title (sheer brilliance, by the way) of the game, cover art (final or not), and a confirmed release window. It’d be nice to know, however, if this is going to be purchasable physically in a retail store or if it will be a downloadable title.

For those not in the know, WayForward, the same developers behind some of the greatest platformers released in recent years (Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Switch Force, A Boy and His Blob, etc.), has begun working very closely with Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward to create a game based on the Cartoon Network series. It’s anyone’s guess right now, however, as to what kind of gameplay it will boast.

If WayForward’s track record and the nature of the show itself are any indication, it’s safe to bet it will predominantly feature platforming gameplay, but likely with a few surprises thrown in. It’d be neat if, for example, gameplay switched to a top-down view for dungeons, mimicking The Legend of Zelda, or if rhythm-based sections along the lines of Rhythm Heaven made their way in. I’d also expect some RPG elements to come into play, as well. Levels, stats, weapon and form upgrades – the sky’s the limit. The Land of Ooo lends itself to a game like this, being largely inspired by classic and modern video games in the first place, and it’ll be interesting to see how WayForward and Pen Ward flesh out this fantastic world we’ve thus far only been able to glimpse through our television screens.

It’s a fairly safe bet the game’ll be great – after all, the show actually does have a decent plot if you care enough to follow it (a rarity among cartoons today),  lots of  surprisingly developed characters living in an eerie, post-apocalyptic world, and kick-butt tunes (again, inspired by retro gaming). With all of these elements colliding in a game, well…I just hope our DS’s and 3DS’s don’t explode from all the awesome. The next few months are going to be an exciting time for Adventure Time fans. And who knows – if this game proves to be a success, maybe it’ll re-open the door for quality games based on our cartoons.

Posted by Michael Fletcher 08.05.2012 in News, Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS
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New Gym Leaders, Altered Unova, New Hero Designs – It Just Keeps Gettin’ Better

As reported by Serebii and various Pokémon news outlets, a healthy flood of news surrounding the first direct sequels in Pokémon’s main series has surfaced. Black 2 and White 2 will apparently take place two years after the events of Black and White Versions, confirming once and for all that these are indeed direct sequels. The playable heroes also have new designs, and there is a new rival as well. It’s worth noting that the starting town is also completely new. Portions of Unova are reportedly covered in ice now, and new Gym leaders and cities have appeared as a result of this environmental shift.

Also of interest is the fact that the Unova Pokédex contains 300 Pokémon to start now, meaning there will be a mix of old and new (Generation V) Pokémon available during the main journey. This makes sense since the game is a direct sequel to a pair of games that flood with old Pokémon after the main quest is done. They’re there; they can’t just disappear.

This news does raise some questions. Are these heroes older versions of the previous ones, or are they entirely different people? Since they start in a new town, it’s conceivable that the previous heroes could have carried over and settled in a new town by themselves.    And what of N? There’s still no news of N, and how these mysterious events involving Kyurem (in particular, fusing with N’s beloved Reshiram and Zekrom) will affect his side of the story. Is Team Plasma done for good? Will these new Gym Leaders rise to the challenges Unova throws at them like their predecessors did? So many questions; all which will be answered when the game hits in Japan on June 23rd (or later for those who avoid major spoilers like the plague).

Who else is genuinely excited for these games now? I’ll admit it didn’t hit me until this news broke. Is there anything you want to see in Black 2 and White 2 that has yet to be revealed? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by Michael Fletcher 12.04.2012 in News, Nintendo, Nintendo DS
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Pokémon Conquest is Headed to the U.S.

The official Pokémon site dropped some welcome news recently.

It seemed unlikely that Pokémon Nobunaga’s Ambition would see a release in the United States, but all the doubters (myself included) will be eating their words with the announcement of Pokémon Conquest’s international release set for June 18th. Sometimes, being wrong just feels so right.

Pokémon Conquest is a huge deviation from the traditional Pokémon formula. Taking place in the Ransei region, the object of the game isn’t to catch ‘em all; it’s to conquer ‘em all. Players assume the role of a fledgling warlord who has set out to unseat other powerful lords. Each character possesses one faithful Pokémon which best suits their personality to start, may it be a Jigglypuff, Articuno, or Braviary. It is possible, however, to obtain other Pokémon while in the field, but you must first recruit other warlords and warriors that are compatible with the Pokémon in question. In this way, your party of warlords can still achieve a diverse array of Pokémon – it just takes a little more work than usual.

This…is one deep game, and a refreshing change of pace for all us Pokémon veterans out there. A new region, new game mechanics, and a unique plot the likes of which Pokémon has never seen make this game an essential addition to the Pokémon game library. I’m just glad Nintendo saw the light and realized this game was marketable in the U.S. If Fire Emblem can do it, then so can Pokémon.

So, who else is excited about this announcement? What Pokémon do you plan on recruiting (once you’ve obtained the proper warlord)? Anyone not so thrilled about it? Let us know.

Posted by Michael Fletcher 04.04.2012 in News, Nintendo, Nintendo DS
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Augmented Reality Takes a Leap Forward on Friday the 13th

The 3DS may very well have another winner on its hands come Friday, April the 13th when Spirit Camera: The Cursed Mirror hits the shelves. Horror games don’t come around too often on Nintendo consoles, and the game will certainly be a welcome addition to that portion of the big N’s game library.

However, Spirit Camera is bringing more to the table than its horrific nature. Portions of the story actually manifest themselves in the real world through the 3DS camera via an augmented reality book, meaning vengeful spirits can actually torment players in their own living rooms! This is a very exciting concept, and it could pave the way for some serious interactivity down the road.

Face Raiders might have beat Spirit Camera to the punch, but Spirit Camera widens the scope of the 3DS’s AR capabilities by placing the players themselves right in the middle of an actual story. Augmented reality has so much potential, and Spirit Camera is only beginning to scratch the surface of this new gaming frontier.

How long until Pokémon battle it out in parking lots, busy plazas, or open fields? Will we ever see Mario hopping on park benches and playground equipment? Will Arwings ever fly beside airliners, should we point our cameras out of our plane windows? Anything’s possible, after all.

What does everyone else think about augmented reality? Is it just another gimmick, or is it a bold new frontier? And what of Spirit Camera? Who’s picking it up on April 13th? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by Michael Fletcher 31.03.2012 in Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS
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