What does Sega’s financial problems mean to gamers?

Cody Orme On April 26, 2012 26.04.2012 with 0 Comments

It has circulated the internet for a few weeks now, but what does Sega’s 7.1 billion yen loss mean to gamers?

To look at it plainly they are cutting slack, streamlining games, and sticking to franchises that they know will turn a profit.

Sega has already shut down it’s North American QA department, transferring most of the workload to Europe, while also cutting some marketing and social media positions.

Sega has also reported there will be a stronger focus on digital content. Sega already has a strong line up of digitally distributed games including the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 series along with Dreamcast and Genesis classics. So to focus more on digital content could mean anything from, re releasing more classic games (perhaps Saturn games?) to creating new downloadable IP’s like Renegade Op’s, which was released in September.

Downloadable games have always been a strong suit for downloadable titles but what about their big games? Sega has stated the Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, Football Manager and Aliens franchises are safe but little has been said about their other franchises.

It is good to know that the long awaited and much anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released, but with nothing being said about recent hits like Bayonetta and Binary Domain, it looks like they won’t be getting sequels.

On the heels of this announcement rumours began to circulate about a complete revamp of Sonic the Hedgehog, doing more of an open world concept (perhaps a Sonic Adventure  like game) to try to expand Sonic’s appeal even more.

Sega has been in tough financial positions before and have made some great games as a result. The focus on only a select few titles may prove to be helpful but the lack of a AAA IP could be just as harmful. Only time will tell how this will play out.


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