Pokémon Conquest is Headed to the U.S.

Michael Fletcher On April 4, 2012 04.04.2012 with 0 Comments

The official Pokémon site dropped some welcome news recently.

It seemed unlikely that Pokémon Nobunaga’s Ambition would see a release in the United States, but all the doubters (myself included) will be eating their words with the announcement of Pokémon Conquest’s international release set for June 18th. Sometimes, being wrong just feels so right.

Pokémon Conquest is a huge deviation from the traditional Pokémon formula. Taking place in the Ransei region, the object of the game isn’t to catch ‘em all; it’s to conquer ‘em all. Players assume the role of a fledgling warlord who has set out to unseat other powerful lords. Each character possesses one faithful Pokémon which best suits their personality to start, may it be a Jigglypuff, Articuno, or Braviary. It is possible, however, to obtain other Pokémon while in the field, but you must first recruit other warlords and warriors that are compatible with the Pokémon in question. In this way, your party of warlords can still achieve a diverse array of Pokémon – it just takes a little more work than usual.

This…is one deep game, and a refreshing change of pace for all us Pokémon veterans out there. A new region, new game mechanics, and a unique plot the likes of which Pokémon has never seen make this game an essential addition to the Pokémon game library. I’m just glad Nintendo saw the light and realized this game was marketable in the U.S. If Fire Emblem can do it, then so can Pokémon.

So, who else is excited about this announcement? What Pokémon do you plan on recruiting (once you’ve obtained the proper warlord)? Anyone not so thrilled about it? Let us know.

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