Giovanni 2012: Invisible Kecleon

Essel Pratt On March 20, 2012 20.03.2012 with 0 Comments

We have all seen and heard about the Invisible Children campaign, but what about the Invisible Kecleon?

It seems that everywhere I look on the Internet, I am seeing the Giovanni 2012: stop at nothing banner.  There is a web site listed at the bottom, so I thought I would check it.  Unfortunately, it is not a real site (at least not yet).  But as I researched, i found a Facebook page titled, Invisible Kecleon.  The creators describe their cause below:

“We are here to stop Giovanni from taking all of our Pokemon which we so Desperately love! On April 20 (4/20) We are going to light up the night with “STOP GIOVANNI” Signs by posting them around the town you live in.”

You can print the Stop Giovanni Sign here

“Print of the picture in this Link in Black and White and when the night comes. Go around town and post the pictures.
Spread the word, let’s make Giovanni famous!”

The page is newly created, but  looks like it could be a great spoof page!  Have you found any Facebook pages or websites that are great spoofs of a serious topic?

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