Why Kingdom Hearts Doesn’t Suck

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Recently, there was an article released on another page entitled “Kingdom Hearts Sucks (But it Doesn’t Have To)”.  The article has upset many in the Kingdom Hearts Community, and rightfully so. I have to admit, I am a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series so I had to respond on behalf of our community.

Kingdom Hearts is a complex story full of emotion that pulls you into the story.  The game cannot just be played, it has to be absorbed.  The story is not that hard to understand if you actually pay attention while progressing through the game.  You cannot just play KH1 and KH2, you must immerse yourself into the characters and learn who they are.  You should not hurry through the game, but complete the side-quests and watch the secret movies at the end.  It is not a game that can just be played, finished and victory claimed.

The characters are as real as they can be.  Part of the allure is that the Disney characters and the Final Fantasy character’s are true to form.  They are not a recreation of the originals.  The Worlds that are visited are also replicas of the Disney movies.  I have to believe that this is by design.  Mickey has always been a badass in his own right, and that shines in the KH series. If the characters were not true to form, then the series would not be what it is today.  The Final Fantasy and Disney character brought two different groups of fans together in one game, and it worked.  I do agree that Robin hood, Toy Story and Jungle Book would be a welcome addition, but why throw everything in all at once?

One complaint was that the story is too complicated.  I would argue that if the story was simpler, then we would have all bored of the game and moved on to another JRPG.  The complexity is a major part of the attraction.  Sure, there are multiple characters that are all part of Sora, but this is a story of discovery, friendship, and finding your place in the world.  The multiple “Sora’s” bring a depth to the story that other games have failed at.  I have played and enjoyed Halo, but it has no where near the depth or character relatability as the KH Series.  None of us really know what Nomura is thinking in his mind.  Rumor is that he does his best writing while throwing back a few drinks.  I say buy him another Sake and let him finish KH3!

The Multi-Console aspect of the series is upsetting to some, but it allows a broader base of gamers to play the games.  I loved the differences that each console brought to the series. Sure, i had to spend some extra money on the consoles, but I didn’t just play KH and toss the unit.  I found other games to play on them and still use them to this day.

The name seems to have also been an aspect that was nitpicked.  KH1 and KH 2 stick to just numbered sequels, but the “filler” games deserve a specific title.  The “fillers” cover events that happened before, or between 1, 2, and 3.  They cannot be simply called KH 1/2, KH 1.25, and KH 1.5.   Give them an identity, make them stand out instead of hiding them behind a number.  I would argue that KH1 and KH2 should also have alternate titles.

Kingdom Hearts is a place we all anxiously await to visit.  But the fans know once we visit, and our Keyblade closes the door, this installment of the series is over.  We all anxiously await what will happen after KH 3, but will be sad to see the end of the era.  Kingdom hearts is part of the mystery of the game.  Tell me, In Lord of the Flies, how intense was it as the boys feared the Beast?  How thrilling it was as they presented the Beast with the pigs head on a stick in an attempt to keep the Beast at bay?  Where would the mystery be if you knew all along that the Beast was just a figment of their imagination?  Let the mystery of Kingdom Hearts build within the storyline, it will be worth the wait.

I also have issue with the author stating that the newer characters “less relatable”.  I urge you to join any Kingdom Hearts fan page and mention a character that you think is unrelatable.  I would almost guarantee that at least a dozen people will bombard you with reasons why they relate to the character. The reason may seem insignificant, but if there was an impact then Nomura did his job.

I will admit that Kingdom Hearts is not for everybody, and maybe that is why the author believes the game “Sucks”.  He mentioned that the gameplay shines.  This tells me that he probably paid more attention to the game mechanics than the story.  That is a big No-No in this series.  The pure emotion in this series has drawn people in and given them something that many games are missing.  This series has brought people together and forged friendships that will last a very long time.  I am a member of a very large KH group, and the members are die hard fans.  We see people join that have the same feelings that the author has, unfortunately they end up leaving when they realize that the community has more passion about the series than they do.  But those that stay are welcomed and friendships are forged.

The author that posted the article titled “Kingdom Hearts Sucks (But it Doesn’t Have To)” did not upset a few Kingdom Hearts fans, he upset a community.  I urge the Author to take the time and replay KH1 and KH2.  I am not even asking you to play the “filler” games, but take your time and play part One and Two and absorb yourself into the series.  Take the time to understand what is happening.  I guarantee that you will feel the same that the Kingdom Hearts community does.  You will hunger to know more, that is the time to play the “filler” games.

Once you understand why we are upset and outraged by your article, The Kingdom Hearts Community deserves a Heartfelt Apology.  An apology before you understand will just not seem genuine.  I also urge you, in the future to interact with the true fans of a game and/or series before writing such an opinionated article (while trying to pass it off as fact) to see why they are so enthralled.  If you still feel the urge to write the article, please be clear that it is your opinion.








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