TOP 5 Kingdom Hearts Games

Essel Pratt On December 5, 2011 05.12.2011 with 9 Comments

If you have read any of my articles, you know that I am a huge Fan of Kingdom Hearts.  I suggest anyone that loves a great RPG, as well as an awesome storyline, rush out and get a copy of Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2.  The original characters are full of emotion and depth while the familiar characters from the Final Fantasy Series and the Disney Series bring a comfort level to the game as well as a mystery of why they are there.  I had debated writing a top ten Kingdom hearts character list, but there are just too many to narrow down to my top 10.  So, instead I have decided to go with my top 5 games in the series.

#5: Chain of Memories and RE: Chain of Memories

Chain of Memories has a lot of potential to be a great game, unfortunately Square Enix tried out a new card based battle system.  The system made the game clunky and almost unbearable.  I am sure that if I had focused on getting the best cards it would have been a bit better.  The story line was good, however the card based battle system distracted me from the story quite a bit.  The release of RE: Chain of Memories did help a little bit.  Playing on a TV screen instead of the Gameboy Advance Screen made things a bit better, and the enhanced graphics helped too.  I like the fact that you could replay the game as RIku, however the game play did not improve.  I would suggest playing this (on the PS2) to fill in the blanks on the happening between part 1 and 2.

#4: Kingdom Hearts 358/2

I actually really liked this installment in the series.  The biggest drawback was that it was on the Nintendo DS.  If this was released on the PS2 it might have ranked higher on the list.  The sneak peek into the Organization XIII, the story line, and even the game play were very good.  It gives you a chance to really “feel” who Roxas is.  The game also gives an insight to what the Organization is all about.  You actually get to know the members of the Organization and in some cases learn to Love or Hate them.  A lot of games don’t give you the intimate behind the scenes look at the enemies, but somehow Kingdom Hearts allows you an unrestricted access without giving too much away.   There were times that the battles were a bit harder than they should have been, but I blame the small screen of the DS for this.

#3: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

The biggest drawback her is once again the system that it was developed for.  The small screen of the PSP does not do it justice.  I love how you get to play the prequel from three different angles as Ventus, Aqua, or Terra.  Once again you get to fill I some blanks that the Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 do not share.  The introduction to a few new worlds and characters is also a welcome site.  I do not want to give away too many of the things that I like, because I do not want to spoil it for anybody that has not played, but I definitely recommend playing this game after you play Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.

#2: Kingdom Hearts 1

Although this is the game that got me hooked, I could not say that it is my favorite.  There is really nothing that I do not like about this game (except maybe finding the Dalmatian puppies).  The Game play is smooth, the story line advances rather nicely and the character development is well thought out.  The Familiar worlds of the Disney characters that we have grown to love and the faces of the Final fantasy characters are welcomed too.  I guess I would have to say that it was unnecessary for them to change Squall’s name to Leon, but I can live with it.  Overall, I love this game but I would have to say that my favorite game in the series is…

#1: Kingdom Hearts 2

The reason that Kingdom Hearts 2 is my favorite game is the unknown.  With the Addition of Roxas, Organization XIII, the Nobodies, Namine, etc… Everything I thought I knew from Kingdom Hearts 1 was turned upside down.  The story was bigger than I had ever imagined and it set the tone for the other games in the series.  Kingdom Hearts 2 renewed my excitement for the series and intrigued my curiosity.  I would have to say that the twists and turns that it added to the series cannot be rivaled by any other game!  The only negative I have is starting the game and finding out that instead of Sora I was some kid named Roxas that looked like Sora.  I soon got over the disappointment as I realized there was much more here than meets the eyes.  Obviously I would recommend playing Kingdom Hearts 1 first, but be sure to Play Kingdom Hearts 2 shortly thereafter.  Then fill in the blanks with the other titles.

I did not include ReCoded to this list because I have not yet played it and really do not have an opinion either way.  Dream Drop Distance has not been released yet, so obviously I have not played it.  I tried not to give away any spoilers in this list, otherwise I could have rambled on for pages.  My only complaint with the series is the number of platforms that it has spread to.  What are your favorite Kingdom Hearts games?  What do you Love about them, and what do you dislike?  Please feel free to discuss in the comments below!

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9 Responses to “TOP 5 Kingdom Hearts Games”

  1. nice but 358/2 days being 4th is Bullshit. RE:Chain of Memories is so much better than it, even RE:Coded.

  2. Essel Pratt says:

    The biggest put off for me was the fighting system in RE:CoM. I liked the game, but The card system just frustrated me. I should probably replay it from the beginning and focus on my cards. Maybe I will have a better experience. I still have not played RE: Coded so I could not add it to the list.

  3. xirku says:

    I didn’t like CoM . They should have kept the original fighting system.

  4. Riku says:

    Im with Yuuki Kurosaki.
    Re:CoM is better than 358/2 days and the card system is great.Just focus on the cards.

  5. FatedAwakening says:

    The only thing I didn’t like about 1 is, it wasn’t that it was harder, it was a lot more clunky (I would see an attack coming from a mile away and not be able to dodge it because I was doing something else [Such as attacking]). I’d say that 358 1/2 days is better than CoM, but that may be biased because I never played CoM. But 358 1/2 days had a slightly better plotline (Still a little biased perhaps, but I did watch the cutscenes, so it shouldn’t be too bad).

  6. SonicWarrior says:

    I don’t even think days deserves to be on this list…. CoM is like 10x better than it.

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